Music, disconnect.

If humming to tunes that suddenly take root in your subconscious say a lot about your emotional state then all the songs you’ve been singing is your own personal therapist slowly unravelling the mysteries of your emotions. Ignoring this state isn’t going to resolve anything.  So, hum away, listen to what it says and follow the truth.

The world’s fine when the songs are happy – about life and all the experiences you’ve had; its fine when its about celebrating the love today with the lover of now. It’s amazing when encouraging , uplifting words are spoken warming your soul when you praise the endearing quirks in people around you.

But what if it is upbeat yet the lyrics speak of heartbreak and longing? If the words tell you that you haven’t found what you are looking for and it seems almost an impossibility to ever get it unless you sacrifice yourself in a self created revolution.

In the end you‘ll be dead fighting for what you wish to possess and experience; nothing matters much in the afterlife, except your satisfied last breath.

Songs about feeling hurt with the wrong one, singing about the light of optimism shining somewhere far, but you are blinded. A poem telling you that to hope is despair yet asking you to make merry for the sun shines.

It needs to be said:

Be worried about the tunes you hum,

in the place you are at,

the person you are with. Thinking about. 

Be worried if to accept the bitter truth makes you uncomfortable

rocks your boat

makes you fear, chokes you.

And be very worried if you ignore it.


One thought on “Music, disconnect.

  1. I like to believe, the truth was designed to be ignored. Primarily because each person’s truth is different. And even if I ignore my own truth, maybe it’s because i will find my reality in someone else’s version of it

    or someone else’s contoured version of it to be precise…..


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