Song for introverts

Don’t take my superpower! 

Yes! I can think

And I can sing , but it’s not a pretty song.

It’s just a tune I sing a-loo-ne with all my heavy thoughts

I have a superpower, it makes me think sometimes

It’s all about how people think and how they use their words – per line

I think about the world so large and it’s little people there

Why they act the way they do and repercussions austere

But please don’t make me voice them

For I ll make a mess

Coz my superpower is scared of being ahead

It’s scared of being

To be caught in the act.

I have a superpower that can die a million deaths

If asked to say things loudly so don’t make it upset.

Yes I can make me sing

Songs about how we think and words between the things

Don’t kill my superpower , don’t make me talk

When I open my mouth I m just a blob , of ink on words, blotched.

Important note: the author of this wordy concoction is tone deaf, musically and rhythmically challenged!

This is not an apology. It’s your karma .


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