I had my ear partially tuned to what my daughter watched on TV, it was repetitive, a bit moralistic yet not too bad as children’s  program goes. All the musings led me to thinking about languages and how well they explain what we are trying to convey or feel. 

Now I am slightly slow and a tad bit dense in my head. I have to create a likely scenario to better explain my point. The point being – languages – that art of speaking (whether to communicate or to simply create sounds is another matter).

It starts with me, at a gathering of a few friends for a fun-filled fiesta. Around me were grown-ups, with grown up topics to discuss; the kind who’d be serious about money, business, contacts and net-worths while they all networked. 

Amidst them all greys in greens, sat little old me , feeling like I sat stuck with my peers in a classroom: Bunch of teens trying to explore inner selves while unravelling the other. Of course the real situation was utterly different from my skewed perception.  However, there I was when unfortunately the limelight set on me. In a hurry, god awful one, to deflect attention, I opened my pre-graduated brain, when all peace shlumped out of me, in a heap, at my tetchy feet. Ironic!! that act!

The question that arose from that damning mouth of mine was ‘Interesting people you’ve met!’  ‘Funny situations you’ve been in’ and ‘interesting places you have been.’

In my head I had unknowingly chosen ‘interesting’ because it wasn’t only the ‘best’ or ‘most favourite’ that I was looking for; it had to do with all the varied emotions that make one memory up.

While everyone grudgingly answered I admired how people could be so clear about themselves yet confused and ignore simple truths within. 

Personally, I have no particular favorites of any kind. I fear to tag any situation, person or place as the ultimate- never to change-best of anything. 

It’s taken years of practise to remain this aloof and unopinionated in life.  I am a master non-confrontationalist. Under no adverse or opportune circumstance will you get me to air my true blue thoughts. ( yeah, blue- royal too) . 

Which in turn forced me to ask myself, why don’t I have any interesting of any,  ‘the best’ or      ‘most favourite’ of any kind. My good moments, places and people all level to a – ‘all are unique in their own kind-of way.’

I wondered, is it because of my linguistically-hyper-meta brain? Or is it because the rest speak only half a tongue and may be a quarter of another?

When people talk about their favorite places they usually mention the fashion favoured.

When the favourites are people ,they are eminent personalities who are either powerful, wealthy or intellectually superior.

Memorable funny moments -when invariably and innocently they discover the answer to world problems.

Now, me on the other hand (needless to say, an average stay at home creature with average culinary and cleaning skills) wonder would it be so bad if any or all could have an average response. 

Imagine a place you thought was a beach and it was a beach, nothing more. But at the beach the feelings you had, the conversations you felt, and the wisdom you got was incomparable.

 Imagine a person you met was just so ordinary with no frills, tune nor courage, yet made you feel like you were looking into a mirror. 

Or maybe that embarrassing moment that really made you look like a dope.

 I wonder why can’t  people have simpler answers,? Would it be because the language they claimed as theirs- polished, classy, accented English instead of the quarter of their real tongue (discarded as outdated) couldn’t  express or communicate their feelings. The language that is hardwired to your DNA fosters the understanding of its culture, it’s belief , centuries of history and the emotions that run with it. Even if you don’t speak it as often as you could, the essence still lingers and pops out in your tone, words you prefer to use, your pitch and gestures. It even affects your attitude towards everything around you.

In that sense, all poor non-native english speakers are in a crazy  conundrum; apathy of feelings towards one another. Each feels the other underestimates them in every perceptive way.

In India alone each language -of all the 4 regions- have an underlined feeling that conveys the emotions in that tongue well. Punjabi/Gurmukhi speaks about vehemence and patriotism, The Bengali speak of politely asserting their rights, the The Marwaris speak of compounding the constantly varied flow of life and the Gujaratis of taking it slow……

The European languages have their own special linguistic emotions- the seductively rational, the in control warriors, the passionate emoters and the primal truthsayers. 

As for the Native english speakers like the Americans, British and the Australians…….they say what they have to say, the way they want to say but unfortunately are misunderstood by the ever increasing non-english  speakers of standardised language.


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