A little logic goes a long way

These times are tough. People, in these times are rough …..around the edges. 

I have always maintained : Never! Never ever get into an argument with anyone especially people you like, about




It’s a no no; it’s a death sentence to your relationship (well, almost). There’s no winner except the hanging argument, which may have started like a supermodel on a catwalk; flaunting her haute couture on her perfect size nothing. It may make you feel like a peacock poised fanning her tail but all it does is show your noisy rear end. 

Having said that, I just denounced two of my friends (temporarily denounced in my head). I broke my own cardinal rule! 

I am human, what can I say?! 

My first world problems arose on the night of November 9. I eagerly awaited my online shopping to be delivered the next day, cash in hand I anticipated trendy times ahead. Of course, our PM had better plans they had nothing to do with my boots! 

I grieved my cancellation, tried to pay online but someone else was walking in my shoe by then! Aggravated, I called my best friend of 25 years to vent! 

I am a female and I called a male friend – mistake no. 1. Now, we all know how women love to share grievous thoughts, not because it bothers us much but because whenever we say it out loud we get better ideas. On our own. 

We also know how men react to such sharing of information. They buckle up their tool belt and get to work! And we say, ‘Mister! hold on, nothing’s broken! Nah! Men do what they do! They are like the traffic lights on abandoned roads. 

So my friend blabbers about how I can make right the situation and starts the deep political conversation. Now I could have said yea right, it’s for the best and move on, but I decided to open my mouth and spew my thoughts. Now I wouldn’t say I agree or disagree with the bold move but I would, women style, share petty , homemade grievances.

I agree it’s a bold move

I support the decision to tackle counterfeit currency

I also feel black money (herein lies the tricky bit. Is it hordes of cash stored by politicians, builders and business men? Is it money used for criminal activities? Is it cash-in-hand kind of money with people, like say me a housewife – average person?), Should be curtailed. I say curtailed because if it’s the first two reasons then we’ll let them not have it all.

Now, Money is money. If we have a piece of paper with a number, a series, a governors signature and our father of the nation on it, we worship it, take care of it. I may not have gone out of my house to earn it, but I have it at my disposal to run my house, as frugally and wisely I can.

In a span of 10 minutes, I was accused of not being a nationalist, having a myopic world view and implied being a criminal because I dare to disagree. My friend, of 25 years and I had a stupid, silly disagreement over something neither he nor I had a say on to begin with.

The conversation veered into how, not only the poor (clear definition needed here too) but every struggling person would benefit and change the economy etc….making a better balanced country. Of course it is the grass root level poor without who the country wouldn’t function. 

Housewives , like me, have sustained the country, I said, all these 60 odd years. We have managed people who work in our homes, bargained with the local grocery store for better prices, brought up our children to respect and share, taken care of the old parents and made sure our husbands are not overly stretched or burdened. 

Now I am no saint, and I may not do all of it like Sita. But hey the thought is there. 

Temporarily, our only jobs were suspended. And I said what about us? Shouldn’t the government pay us too?! Now I know the benefits we are bestowed, but for the sake of an argument, should we lament too?

The advice from his tool box was, ask your husband for a salary! He ain’t a good husband if he doesn’t do so. 

The gall of that man! 

The very act of giving money to anyone implies an inherent hierarchy. It says one has more power than the other, it means one controls the other. We, my husband and I share our accounts. I still maintain my own but all of his are ours. There’s no power play. There’s communication, respect and honesty in our dealings. 

Stating one needs to pay a salary to the woman of the house may be righteous to the group of fanatical feminists but the realists would agree that it totally and completely defeats the purpose of equal footing. 

We argued, I denounced him I’m my head and I know I ll forgive his folly for I am The wiser one here but is this how everyone thinks? A good husband has employed a wife? 

The moral of this story is never ever discuss parenting, politics or religion with people you like! 


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