The other side of my fence

Revolutions sound amazing in history books!!! The reality, when living through it is like sitting at a dentist for a root canal. It’s trying to be chirpy with a hangover. It’s like smelling when u have a blocked sinus! 

I feel all of the above. I am part of a grand revolution or perhaps the onset of dark ages part II. Either way the experience is …… inexpressible. 

Every such event leads to two simultaneous occurrence; of civil unrest within the proletariats and a secret society in the Noble legions. Each cause has been suppression of certain class, usually led by the leader who rose like a dragonion phoenix from beneath the layers of silk. He would rise, charm and then promise utopian equality- absence of the bad, the oppressive, leveled comforts for one and all. 

If history were to be believed and learnt from, then it’s obvious that no such leader delivered the promised goods. However, the two occurrences cannot be denied. The suppressed anger of the formerly vindicated starts with glee and joy and hope for the future. Then he graduates to, in a second, happiness stemming from watching the fall of the mighty. So excited he gets that he wants to see more and more of his opponents trauma. He starts reveling in it and soon he feels empowered and takes matter into his own hands leading to petty insults and finally to harm. All this has happened. Keeps happening around us too on normal days, it’s human nature, envy , jealousy, greed and sloth define us. We see little crabs everywhere busy pulling everyone down. 

The comfortable lords suddenly find their pillows unpuffed and wonder what makes life uncomfortable. He ll reason , puff up the stuff himself and since he is feeling good about his goods, he decides to give away in charity. He doesn’t feel vain, he is a philanthropist. Spending his time reading and learning he has gained knowledge. Until one day he is rudely awakened on a hard floor. Some run away, some find better ways and a few start a secret society to discuss and deal with words and tact rather than stones .

On that note, if anyone starts a secret society, kindly do let me in. I won’t tell anyone.

When, in the name of higher law, nationalism, moralism or even world peace, drastic steps are taken all the known evils soon get replaced by the unknown evils. Think about the last time u decided to suddenly change one bad habit only to be replaced by a defense mechanism of a ridulous kind. People around you would definitely notice them and most likely ignore the quirks as a passing phase. Until it gets to be a habit and someone or the other intervenes. Take that example and multiply it by a billion. Sudden system changes shakes the human vices into an unfathomable territory. 

Unknown , unspoken, unvoiced . 

No one acknowledges the little incidents, assuming it’s a passing phase. It does not stop. It gains speed and power. 

The nearing of utopia gradually fades into dark recesses. 

The gain is enjoyed just by the risen star and his comrades from hither thither. the fallen and the stumbled amble their way forward. The trampled remain trampled but now have unsheathed claws. 

Is there a way to avert such a scenario? Could we hope that may be this will turn out different because there’s some goodness in the heart of ruler? Could we hope it’s all for a better cause and not personal gain for power and money? 

I , alas, am a believer, an optimist. I shall live and dream in my happy bubble and hope my dreams come true. 


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