​Rumination of an ordinary housewife!!

After the smog in Delhi where we couldn’t see much of anything going around nor smell, primal-y, the stench of it all; We entered into a 2 day smog when all the senses and our understanding of it, created a dreary daze. On one hand while we awaited the folly of the U.S. (And us) we got a shockwave of Indian denominators. We were told the biggest two are nobody’s and the lowest two Rock and Roll! While the middle two stayed the same and the upper middle is the boss! We rejoiced! Oh how we f***ing enjoyed. Till someone went out for a smoke and said,”Shit! We are screwed!” Smoke break! Ah! Smoke break! The final last luxuries, never to be seen of yesteryear! So that blue-blooded intellectual vice lead to an epiphany and our joy soon cut down to a daze! To our dear fellow Americans!- “We got there first!” and then the Trump happened!

No ! He actually did!!!!

Now I am a not-so-great , bored, average housewife. And I sit and start typing! I have all these thoughts and I feel I can finally say!

If I say that, it means it’s truly great, because I don’t do depths of any kind.

Remember? Average?!!

So I type about how it has affected me. If I were a normal average housewife married  to a salaried – at a mid-level company husband I’d be crying  because his company went kaboom! And if I were a normal average housewife to a mid-level salary-giving to a few kinda businessman I’d be, too, like my precedent feeling shaky and perhaps suicidal?!

Not to use a strong word but just for a lack of it. I’d be feeling, ‘Now what??!!’

The rest?!

They are chilled! They haven’t even if they craved it, neither do they lose, much of it anyway. It’s uncomfortable but it’s alright! Shrug it off!

Instead I am thinking, reminiscing about my political Science class of good old days where we would sit and say, ‘Ah it’s fun! A fantasy but that’s theory where are the facts?!’

And here I am seeing it happen! And I am excited!!!

Yay! here is the real live version of Karl Marx and his Iron Law! And here it is happening!

The impossible!

Well OK improbable or implausible just to appease you!

And I see the grand strategic avoidance of world wars!!!

And I see old enemies finally getting together – the band or brotherhood of brothers !!!

Wow! It’s a fairytale it’s alpha hero rescues a damsel in distress, it’s a shining knight slaying the dragons and saving corporate unicorns!

Then I think yea it does sound amazing but will it work? Of course I am human and I’ll be apprehensive because we aren’t used to perfection, we have lowered our standards and learnt to disbelieve fairytales. But the hopeless romantic in me sees it as a hope that may soon rise to a bright flame!

I think about the strategy our PM used….he made the announcement right before America went into polls. He influenced the votes of every voting Indian of that country. Where Hillary had earlier kinda embraced immigrants and decided to tackle yet another super power to dissuade terrorism, and Trump was being Trump; Indians feared the the journey back home because of course they were deemed as people from state supporting terrorism. The Modi thought modified their choices.

In a ‘namo’ second we told them, ‘Hey we are with Russia! Money, loads of money is here, Indians can stay there safe and sound. Trump and my man here are friends helping each other. Trying to curb their distrust and forming a friendship – a friendship like the three musketeers, none are too strong without the other. And the mortal enemy is now China and the terrorist states.

Wow and Africa our only source of natural resources has been infiltrated by the Indian money and it’s there to stay. The black money is totally going there including the vested interest of big big money money companies of our country!! So brothers we have 3 continents worth of power!

Wow again, a fairytale. So while the idea maybe to empower the poor of the country, they will be of course empowered by 20% and they will get paid in cheques. They will also have better work hours, no Diwali gifts, holidays and yes paid casual leaves. Which also means now they won’t have month long , twice or thrice a year holidays for their village and festivals. Which is good…..decent amount of holidays, throughout the year, interspersed. Which also means that people who just started business in small companies with no intellectual reason will shut shop. Menial employees will not be doing menial jobs and hopefully they’ll get some job, soon. It means the rich schools will have fewer rich people and poor schools will have many. Which also means many poor schools will open up but I hope they allow all enthusiastic professionals to teach rather than wait for a govt approved degree. I do hope tht the PM realises that if Trump or even himself can do something on a whim or sheer love for it, then intellectually rich people can too. For far too long they sat, like me, bored because ‘Damn! we can’t make money we can only share our wisdom, we can’t make you accept it but we can learn from discourse.

So Make in India has started! Indian intelligence in all its form can start the manufacturing…..

The panicked lots will lose 20% and the Mafia more. At a grassroot level I do hope that the suppressed people who have now tasted blood, the blood of their oppressive landlords, who have just fallen, do not develop a taste for it. I do hope that a new class of money criminals from way below doesn’t emerge. And if it does, I hope they submerge.

But I also feel for the sad middle class, who haven’t been affected much but their whole structure seems shaken. If they looked up to someone, they don’t have them. If they seem happy about it, their cockiness will be a new bourgeois, if they show empathy, they are the new philanthropists.

To people like me who don’t read newspapers (I, do but the crime and corruption depresses me) nor do we do much except cooking, cleaning and taking care of our kids, I got a feeling yea I am important too…..I m hopeful. may be in a decade or so I may not be famous or rich but I ll feel content!

That is a very tough thing to do. There are many like me.

So let’s hope this is not a fairytale.

Let’s hope that Modi and his ideas that have actualised every wisdom of Vedas has come here to show us a better path.

Cheers to Chai!!!


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